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As part of recent reflections on whether we are achieving what we set out to do six years ago when we started, we took a look at the core MiX values. Our first value is ‘To provide excellence at every stage of the migration.’

Relocating or refurbishing properties is a journey. Some journeys are short and straightforward, while others can take years of planning and implementation. As a trusted technology partner, MiX works alongside clients to ensure that we provide the right level of input required at each stage. Our team is always on hand to talk through options, and we aim to provide easy to use, intuitive solutions that are appropriate for our client’s needs while ensuring the technology is scalable for future use.

For example, MiX has recently completed a four year, multi-phase, in-situ refurbishment of an online retailer’s London headquarters. The journey involved completing eight distinct phases, each incorporating a redesign based on the results of a technology pre-construction due diligence study.

Continuity of service was critical, and MiX added value by working with all parties to map out a technology migration and installation programme that complemented the overall construction programme. MiX also designed temporary secure comms environments that could be moved to each relevant phase as the refresh continued through the building. The project has been a great success, and the client now has an outstanding technology solution that will support them in the coming years.