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At MiX, we are so proud to work with great people who have delivered some brilliant projects. And as part of our series introducing some of our team, we are featuring one of our AV Consultants next – Andy Haddock.

Andy has just passed his 6-month milestone with MiX and is currently working on a number of projects in the legal and financial sectors.

Tell us a bit about what keeps you so busy at MiX:

I’m currently working on several projects at various stages in the design process. The projects are predominately relocation projects for investment management firms, private equity, and legal firms – it’s certainly keeping me busy!

How did you find yourself in the AV industry?

Like many people in the industry, I came across it by chance. My career started in sales for a projector manufacturer, so it was very niche. Deciding I needed a new challenge, I started working in pre-sales for an integrator, and it was there that I was exposed to the full spectrum of what the AV industry entails. It was a steep learning curve but one I enjoyed immensely.

I moved to another company where my technical skills developed further, and I realised that I wanted to move into a designer role. With that in mind, I took on the massive challenge during lockdown to undertake the Avixa CTS-D Design qualification and successfully completed it – I’m very proud of my accomplishment as it was a lot of work!

Fast forward to today and I’m in my dream job at MiX!

What appeals to you most in the industry?

I have always loved anything technical and understanding how everything works. The AV sector is a fast-moving industry with constantly evolving technology that keeps things interesting!

What do you think the biggest challenges in the AV industry are today?

Something affecting the whole industry, not just the AV industry, is a real lack of stock. Suppliers are struggling to meet the demand and it’s having a severe impact on project programmes in some instances.

Skills shortage is another challenge and I think this comes down to the fact that people are generally just not aware of the wide variety of jobs available in the industry.

How do you think the AV industry has changed over the last few years?

After the last two years, everyone has now successfully engaged with video platforms on laptops for remote working. What we are finding now, as people return to the office, is that businesses do not have the right level of video conferencing facilities in their meeting rooms. That is a real challenge, particularly with the emergence of hybrid working.

What kind of skills do you need to succeed in a role like this?

It helps to have a passion for AV and all things technical; you need to be interested in it to succeed. I found it helpful to work in pre-sales for an integrator before becoming a designer, as it has given me a much broader view of the whole process. Being able to communicate with people is very important as you often have to explain technical information to a broader group of people with no AV background.

Spill the beans; what do you like about working at MiX?

Before getting into the AV sector, I did various jobs, but none really suited me. Once I discovered AV and the role of an AV designer, it was as though everything just fell into place. MiX is such a well-known consultancy in the industry, and I love being part of such a great team.

What do you do to unwind and relax with such a busy day job?

I have a young daughter, so any free time is spent with her!