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As part of our ongoing campaign to introduce some of the talented people in our team, we spent a few minutes talking to James Quick, a Physical Security Consultant.

James joined MiX over a year ago and has worked on projects ranging in size from 10,000 ft2 to over 100,000 ft2 across the legal, technology, financial and insurance sectors.

Tell us a bit about what keeps you so busy at MiX: 

As a Physical Security consultant, my role is to design and implement physical security solutions for clients, including access control, video surveillance, and intruder detection.

How did you find yourself in IT industry? 

After graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Maths with Engineering, I began working in the Transport consultancy industry, starting at TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) in 2001. I specialised in Intelligent Transport Systems, which invariably included CCTV.

After 9 years I was approached by a Security consultancy called Protea to strengthen their CCTV offerings – fortunately, there are a lot of similarities between systems in Transport and Security. I spent four years with them before joining the security integrator Gratte Brothers, where I was seconded into Thames Water to assist with the delivery of their IP CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection systems across their sites with a central Alarm Receiving Centre.

I then spent a few years in Switzerland before coming back to the UK and joining MiX.

What appeals to you most in the industry? 

I have always loved technology and finding out about the latest gadgets, which I think helps when you work in the technology industry. This type of role requires a lot of problem-solving, which I’ve always loved, and this has been helpful in an industry where no two solutions are the same.

What do you think the biggest challenges in the Physical Security industry are today? 

In the current situation, managing COVID-19 is a challenge across all workstreams. The pandemic has accelerated some of the trends that we were already seeing in the physical security sector. For example, thermal technology and touchless technology. Clients are now looking at these technologies to form part of and to enhance the seamless user experience rather than just for purely security purposes.

What kind of skills do you need to have to succeed a role like this?

As I mentioned, problem solving is key and having the ability to explain complex solutions in a simple, practical way to stakeholders is crucial. Being responsible for multiple projects at a time means that being organised, flexible and efficient are also attributes that will help you succeed.

Spill the beans, what do you like about working at MiX?

I like the variety of clients we work with; it keeps things interesting. And although it sounds cliché, the people at MiX make it a great place to work. There isn’t a bad egg amongst them, and it’s clear that the team has worked hard to recruit like-minded people who are easy to work with and buy into the MiX values.

With such a busy day job, what do you do to unwind and relax?

I belong to a local archery club, so some of my free time is spent shooting arrows, which is a fun way to unwind. We have also just moved house, so I imagine any free time will now be spent doing DIY!