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At MiX, we are so proud to work with great people who have delivered some brilliant projects. And as part of our series introducing some of our team, we are featuring one of our Infrastructure Associates next – Mike Sicorello.

Mike joined the business seven years ago and has worked on projects for many of our key clients across the financial, legal, retail, data centres, and technology sectors on projects ranging from 10,000 ft2 to over 250,000 ft2.

Tell us a bit about what keeps you so busy at MiX:

As a Passive IT Infrastructure consultant, it’s my responsibility to design the structured cabling and infrastructure solution. A big part of my role also involves providing guidance and information to the client, their professional team, and the installers. I’m currently involved in projects for a large retail client, two trading firms, a private equity firm, and an international law firm which are spread across London, Dubai, and Paris.

How did you find yourself in the IT industry?

I began my career in the industry as an installer which led to a project manager role and later a design and estimation role in the same company. After 15 years, my career as a consultant began when I joined a large IT consultancy where I developed my skills before joining MiX 7 years ago.

What appeals to you most in the industry?

I love seeing how technology and the infrastructure design in new builds, in particular, are key drivers to providing efficient and productive spaces that have a real impact on the running and growth of a business.

What do you think the biggest challenges in the industry are today?

It will come as no surprise that one of the major challenges we are facing is the stock shortage of key materials and the elongated delivery times. Taking logistics into consideration is now a key part of the design process, and we carefully consider which products we specify that will work for the client and keep the project running on programme.

Another key challenge for us Passive IT infrastructure designers is that we aren’t always involved at the correct stage. Having us involved earlier gives us the ability to positively influence the design from the start instead of having to make changes later on in the project that can prove time-consuming and costly.

What kind of skills do you need to have to succeed in a role like this?

Problem solving is a key skill as there are a number of challenges that arise throughout the design process. Having the ability to provide a clear solution for the client that allows them to make timely decisions is also critical.

Spill the beans; what do you like about working at MiX?

I love the fact that no one is micromanaged, and we are trusted to get on with our jobs. But at the same time, there is enough support from the rest of the team if you need it. MiX has also evolved and forever looking to push the boundaries, which keeps things exciting!

With such a busy day job, what do you do to unwind and relax?

I have three children, so we love to get out and about and go for walks. I enjoy anything sporty and still play football when I get the chance.